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Venture Safe HIS

A Testament to Exceptional Health Information System Design

Venture Safe HIS once stood as a beacon in the realm of health information systems, expertly crafted to manage and streamline COVID-19 testing and screening for organizations. This sophisticated, user-friendly system was a paradigm of efficiency and security in health management processes.

Legacy of Excellence

Rendering of the Venture Safe HIS smartphone home screen showing the production's name and logo, a button to sign in and do a health screening, and a green screen with QR code used to get on site at the production.
  • Widespread Adoption: Utilized over 500,000 times for daily screenings, Venture Safe HIS was the backbone of film health management in challenging times.

  • Impeccable Accuracy: The system meticulously tracked and reported over 200,000 COVID tests with zero errors, a testament to its reliability and precision.

  • Trusted by Industry Leaders: Embraced by the TV and film industry, with over 12,000 unique users, including well-known celebrities, demonstrating its versatility and broad appeal.

  • Unmatched Security: With a focus on data integrity, the system maintained a flawless security record, housing sensitive information without a single reported breach.

Key Features

  • Innovative Screening Solutions: Advanced health screeners with unique QR code technology enabled quick, reliable health assessments.

  • Dynamic Scheduling Capability: The system adapted to various testing frequencies, ensuring compliance and streamlined health protocol management.

  • Comprehensive Dashboards: Detailed dashboards for users and administrators to track testing compliance and view results in real-time.

  • AI-Powered Result Interpretation: AI algorithms converted faxed results into parse-able data, showcasing technological innovation.

  • Real-Time Lab Integration: Integrated lab result processing with various methods, including secure REST API connections, for efficiency and accuracy.

  • Manual Result Verification: Each test result was meticulously reviewed and verified manually, ensuring precision and reliability.

  • User Profile Management: Easy profile management allowed users to keep their personal information up-to-date and secure.

  • PDF Result Downloads: Users could download PDFs of their test results, convenient for travel or other verification purposes.

  • Secure Data Environment: Robust encryption and strict access controls were employed to maintain data privacy and security.

  • Test Result Notifications: Automated notifications for positive test results, enhancing communication and response times.

  • Laboratory Communication Flexibility: The system handled various laboratory communication methods, demonstrating adaptability.

  • Tester Work Management: Special features for testers to manage their schedules and track working hours for payroll purposes.

  • User Accessibility: The system was designed to be user-friendly, ensuring ease of use for all types of users.

  • Compliance Tracking: Flagging individuals who did not meet their required testing frequency to prevent testing lapses.

  • Laboratory Sample Tracking: A lab drop feature to ensure accurate tracking of test samples during transfer to laboratories.

  • Detailed Tester Assignment: Admins could assign testers to sessions efficiently, with a system that prevented scheduling overlaps.

  • Availability Management for Testers: Testers could indicate their availability, aiding in effective session planning.

  • Employee Portal: A dedicated portal for employees to manage their testing schedules and access vital information.

  • Multifaceted User Roles: Customizable user permissions for accessing various features of the app.

  • Massive User Engagement: Over 12,000 unique users, including industry professionals and celebrities, trusted and used the system.

  • Zero Error Reporting: The system achieved a remarkable feat of zero mistakes in over 200,000 COVID tests tracked and reported.

A screen shot of the Venture Safe HIS application's tester home page.  Testers use the screen to choose which testing session they want to open and start entering or documenting COVID test collection.

Why Venture Safe HIS Stood Out

  • Operational Excellence: Designed for simplicity and efficiency, the system streamlined health management processes, saving time and resources.

  • User-Centric Design: Every feature was crafted with the user's experience in mind, from easy profile management to downloading test results.

  • Adaptability and Reliability: Capable of handling various laboratory communication methods and different user roles, Venture Safe HIS navigated the complexities of health management with ease.

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