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Genstate is at the forefront of adaptive software development, delivering advanced computer software development services that stand out in the tech industry. Our expertise in app building software solutions caters to dynamic market needs, ensuring flexible, robust, and innovative software development that propels businesses forward. Trust Genstate to transform your digital infrastructure with our state-of-the-art software solutions.

Illustration of a digital dashboard displayed on a laptop screen with graphs and analytics, alongside a mobile device showing similar data. A figure stands on a bar chart column pouring data into the cloud, symbolizing data management and cloud analytics.

Our Services


Key Business Automation

Work more efficiently and scale your business through custom software tools.

Three mobile phones connected by lines to signify synchronization or sharing, against a dark, textured background.

Ultra-Rapid Prototyping

Remove the speculating and drawn-out testing and build functional prototypes.

A graphic of a laptop with statistical charts and graphs on the screen, and a ladder leaning against it, symbolizing the ascent to data analysis and business intelligence.

Tech Consulting

Let us analyze your processes to define your first step.

Our Products

The Joy Church App is an innovative Church Management Software (ChMS) platform, expertly designed to foster a stronger connection between churches and their members. This comprehensive tool features an intuitive app for congregants alongside a robust website/desktop component, ensuring seamless interaction and engagement.

Joy Church App

Software Features: Activity Dashboard & Alerts/Notifications, Attendance Tracking & Automatic PDF Receipt Generation, Comprehensive Contact & Donation Management, Credit Card Processing & Electronic Payments, Event & Schedule Management, Product Marketplace, Role-Based Permissions (and more...)

Hardware Integrations: Stripe Point-of-Sale Terminals, ID Card/Badge Printer (for ID's or membership cards).

Joy Church App example screenshot showing a dashboard.
A smartphone showing an example page of the Joy Church App.  The page shows the user's cart with both items and a donation.  The cart's checkout button takes the user to the final screen to complete the purchase and donation.
Detailed zoom-in of the Joy Church App dashboard showing metrics for Total Active Members, Monthly Donations, Monthly Revenue, and Paid Memberships

Digital Services You Need





Close-up of a professional woman with a warm smile engaging in a handshake, signifying partnership and trust in a business setting

We might be passionate about the same thing! If we can connect on an idea and you’ve considered a partnership, we can start and build a business together. We are eager to bring full commitment to strong visions.

Technical Co-Founding


Partnerships can create amazing outcomes. Genstate can get you off the ground and provide expertise to deliver your concept and provide continued support. If you have ever had an idea for your business but just can’t get there, give us a shout!

Team Recruitment

Culture Building

Application Development



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